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About Us

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Off Centre Dance Co is very proud of our studio facilities. Located at Unit 1/72 Argyle St, South Windsor. The studio has 2 dance rooms, both with full professional sprung dance floors. Studio 1 is 140sqm (14m by 10m) and Studio 2 is 112sqm (14m by 8m). Both studio’s have a wall of full length mirrors for students to watch themselves improve on their technique, posture and performance quality. We are all about up to date technology so both dance studio’s are set up with bluetooth sound systems and laptops where music and video’s can be accessed by a click of a button. We can also record class attendance as well as access your emergency contact details on the spot if needed.

Off Centre Dance Co uses state of the art software to manage attendance and class rolls. This software allows us to keep up to date records of all the specific needs of our students and is constantly evolving with our studio.

When walking through our front doors we have our reception where important information is on display on a TV screen, which will be updated as needed. It is important to come in to the studio regulary as special events, videos of performances, information about upcoming performances and general information will be available on this display.

Our reception desk will only be occupied on set days however any questions can be directed to our teachers at the end of class or by email. We also have a vending machine available for customers and students to access cold drinks and snacks.

2015 saw the introduction of our singing/music room which brought our room count to 3. This room is almost completely soundproofed and is decked out with keyboard, microphone and recording equipment.
What makes us different?
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Apart from having highly dedicated teachers who are genuinely interested in the development of you or your child’s performance skills, Off Centre’s Studio’s are equipped with massive real sprung floors to help protect dancers from knee damage along with a full wall bar and mirrors in both studios. 

Do you like to disco? We do! At Off Centre we hold frequent themed disco nights to fundraise for the studio, with great music, video clips, smoke machines, lasers and a massive disco ball, everyone (even the parents!) can have a great night and boogie with their kids, or if they like, drop them off and return later to collect their exhausted little ones.

What about technology? Off Centre has taken full advantage of available technology with state of the art networked systems within each studio allowing teachers to take advantage of the internet to locate music and video materials, share music and video classes. Specialised music editing software is also installed which allows professional editing of music and the ability to actively slow music down to assist with the learning process and the ability to change key of backing tracks for the Singing & Glee students.

Oh! And before we forget! At Off Centre Dance Co, the majority of the concert costumes are sewn or purchased for you, this means you will not have to pay top dollar for a private dress maker or attempt to sew costumes yourself.

Still not convinced? Why not give us a call on (02) 45 779 557 and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have or if you like send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Our Facilities

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Off Centre Dance Co is located just a stones throw away from Windsor RSL club at 1/72 Argyle Street South Windsor. Our location is surrounded by other local business' with a variety of different things to offer. There is even a 24 hour gym just down the street which a few of our parents visit during their childs classes. We also have South Windsor shopping centre around the corner and are just a quick 10 minute walk from Windsor Station.
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Our studio reception area can be a busy place with our receptionist Jycinda working away and keeping accounts and studio information up to date. While we love a quick visit from parents we ask that the upstairs waiting room be utilised as much as possible during children's classes.

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Our studio boasts three massive real sprung wooden dance floors to help protect students knees and full length wall-to-wall mirrors in all rooms. With enough room to move our studio spaces are ideal for students to dance safely. Studio 1 and 2 are also completely Air Conditioned.
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Our parents waiting room is located upstairs and has all the things needed to pass the time while waiting for Off Centre Dance Co is fortunate enough with space that we can offer a waiting room for parents, friends and family to wait for students to complete their lessons. Our waiting room is located upstairs and has recently been re-furnished to allow for a larger number of people to wait comfortably.

The waiting room also has access to a small kitchenette with a kettle and coffee machine for use. It is up to you to make sure this area is kept clean so we ask that if you do take advantage of this space that it is kept cleaner than you found it.

While our waiting room will seat 13 people, we acknowledge that this area may fill up and in the event that there is no available seats, we ask that all customers wait outside or in their cars/park/local clubs ect. and not wait in the reception.

Students are also welcome to use this space when waiting for their next class as waiting in the bag room can cause a trip hazard if legs are spread out across the floor.

There may also be times throughout the year where we may restrict access to the waiting room and ask that at these times all parents, friends and family seek other places to wait other than the reception area. We are lucky enough to have some great places around us that can facilitate you while you wait (eg Windsor RSL).

Across from the waiting room is our staff room which is off limits to all except staff. Please do not enter this room without specific invitation.

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Massive Singing/Music Tuition Room

Constructed with purpose in 2015, our singing room is a massive space for our vocal students to learn and practice their skills. Designed to be sound proof, our studio space also doubles as a recording studio.
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Just beyond the reception is our student bag room. This room is off limits to all others except students and teachers and will be locked at all times. Students are required to keep their personal belongings (including electronic devices) in this room secured and in their bags and collect them after each lesson. This room is also where we keep all lost property that has been left after class. For parents wanting to sort through our lost property please speak with a staff member to gain access.

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At Off Centre we only have a set amount of parking spots within the complex. All 5 car spaces are reserved for Off Centre staff only. We ask that all students and parents use the street parking when attending for lessons. As there is no separate walkway in and out of the complex we ask that no cars drive in the driveway or park across the drive way when picking up or dropping off. Cars parked in the car park without permission will be asked to move.


We are very excited to announce that Off Centre will have its very own dance shop. An 18sqm shop that will be stocked with dance shoes, uniform, merchandise, make up needed for performances etc. This will be up and running by Term 3. This is a very exciting step for Off Centre so we can provide everything that our students need for the year.

Off Centre Dance Co is always looking for new and exciting ways to evolve so watch out for announcements throughout the year. We have big plans ahead and are excited for the future.