• Multiple Class Styles (dependant on the package)

  • 2019 Registration Fee

  • Fees for 2019 Classes Program

  • All extra rehearsal fees

  • Costume Hire

  • New 2019 design Studio Jacket

  • 2019 DVD of Concert

  • 2019 Concert Shirt

  • Admin/Processing Fees Included


We want everything to be as easy as possible so we have completely removed invoices from our business model. Once you select a package you are signed up for that amount and your subscription will be debited on the 15th of each month from your nominated credit card or bank account (just like a gym). If you ever want to cancel your lessons, all you need to do is let us know and pay one more monthly charge. No term or year lock in contracts!

We have also taken into account that there are weeks that lessons do not occur and factored this into the monthly fee so you will always have the same amount debited each month and can budget accordingly!

Package Pro-Rata Catchup Fees

All packages come with inclusions that will need to be caught up and paid for when registering after the beginning of the year. These fees are $20 per month after February. Catchup Fees can either be paid in a lump sum or added to your monthly amount and paid off over the course of the calendar year.

ie. If you start in July, you will have missed 5 instalments and will need to pay $20x5 - for February, March, April, May and June.


If you start half way into a month you will be charged a pro-rata amount for the remainder of that month.

ie. Monthly fees are calculated from the 1st-31st of that month and paid for in the middle of that month, the 15th. If you were to start on the 16th of the month and your package is $100, you will need to pay the pro rata amount of that month (in this example, $50, which is half of the month). Again, this fee can either be paid in full on your next debit or added to your monthly fees and paid off over the remainder of the calendar year.

We understand this can be complicated and are happy to discuss this with you upon registration.